About Tanou

I’ve always had a strong drive and desire to know, see and experience more of this world.
After some deeply traumatizing experiences in my childhood, loosing my brother when I was 9 years old, some spiritual experiences in my teens and a continuing deep yearning for more wholeness, I left Austria at the age of 19 as large part of who I was was left out by my education and longed to live. Behind all confusion my heart and true capacities wanted to bloom. I dedicated over 10 years to the intense practice and study in Yoga, Meditation and Qi Gong in Asia in this search and in the years after. I am utterly grateful to the various monasteries, places and different teachers that served me in my clarity and helped develop my skills and grounding. It’s been a ride of an adventure through a huge territory of practices, healing modalities, different meditative and embodiement disciplines, shadow and emotional work, bodycentered psychotherapy, relating and communication practices, psychic and intuitive trainings, reiki, martial arts, retreats, spiritual technologies, shamanic journeys, fasting and nutritional development, communities and many of life’s lessons in my ongoing zest for learning and offering healing and awakening in the most accesible, loving and effective way possible. I really want to show that to people that they really can heal and awaken. I see after all that beautiful trouble I myself have arrived and continue to arrive at a ever more natural and relaxed opennenss, appreciation and trust in the path, the way things are and everything that life brings.
I feel that I am blessed to live now the life that I didn’t dream of was possible.

Currently I enjoy to offer these wholesome tools and experiences in a condensed, essential and baggage free way to people who want to make a positive change in and with their lives.
It’s a great joy now for me to run classes, retreats, growth-oriented men’s circles and individual sessions. I also lead people on special journeys and trainings to magical places in Asia.

I see my work as a grounded integration and synthesis of the paths of Meditation (awareness practices), Qi Gong (energy cultivation), human growth psychology and Yoga (body/mind strengthening and communing with the divine).



first workshops with Qi Gong, energy work and more holistic approaches of healing; starting to study different teachers in the field of awakening


first meditation retreats in Burma and deepening of Yoga-Asana and breathwork with burmese teachers
2007-08: beginning to teach first classes in Austria; retreats with internationally renowned teacher and monk Sayadaw U Tejaniya, journey to India for Yoga study


India, completion of first Yoga teacher training and a longer phase of extensive study and practice of the philosophy of Yoga and different Asana styles (classic Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga)


completion of second certified teacher training, longer stays in buddhist monasteries in Burma for the integration and furthering of the various practices


Two years in Bali: many months of training with a Qi Gong master; further developing the Yoga with other teacher friends


Two months with a shaman master in the Amazon; til date and in this year countless of workshops and courses on the theme of healing, development and integral consciousness


One year with my work in renowned Ayurveda Hotel Sonnhof in Austria; including 1-month training with Shaolin masters Shi Yan Hao and Shi Yan Bao; and the start of a 3-year training with communication and spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl; leading of my first Qi Gong and health retreats

2 months in Southeast Asia, this time 3 weeks with grandmaster Mantak Chia for the deepening of advanced Qi Gong practices for 2 weeks in complete darkness. After that and until now continued my training under Shaolin masters Shi Yan hao and Shi Yan Bao in Qi Gong, Taiji and Kung Fu;

Leading men’s circles; Founding of a company and the birth of Tanou Energy Work; further education as a productivity coach. Teaching gymnastics and expression in schools and workshops in various, conscious festivals over Europe.


Teaching in schools and at my old gymnastics team, Trainings in the US with Robert Augustus Masters and others; leading international workshops and expansion of Bali Qi Gong journeys through moving Tanou Energy Work to Bali


More international trainings and leading retreats, Coaching Bali sports teams, Professional Psychotherapy training with Robert Augustus Masters

2017 / 2018
Teaching courses in Portugal, USA, Bali-Indonesia; deepening the work with children, mentoring orphan teenagers and young adults and continuing individual healing sessions


Continued kids and work with orphan children, mentoring athletes and young orphan adults, hosting Qi Gong retreats, and fascilitationg individual healing sessions